Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prayer Requests for April 30

It is a quiet day here in the office of AoR.  Ted is attending the Minnesota North District convention, and on his way home.  Bruce left early this morning for the Wyoming District convention and will be home on the weekend.  When they are traveling, the phone is quieter, there are fewer things that must be done to prepare for them, and I seem to get to tend a few of the lower priority things.  Today there have been numerous small orders to send.  We are getting numerous small orders for the Bible study Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society.  Perhaps the Letter to Pastors from Dr. Kieschnick's office which spoke of this resource has piqued the interest of professionals in the Synod.  We are thankful that the interest has been shown and that we are able to provide this service to our beloved Synod.  

Ted has one more week in the office before taking off for Australia.  He leaves on May 9 and arrives on May 11.  Actually, it is a bit long, but not two days worth of airtime.  He crosses the date line and loses a day.  Coming back it looks like it takes only one hour, again because of the date line crossing.  Time is tricky stuff.  We pray that Ted, Bruce, Kathy and Francis will all have safe travel, and stout constitutions to endure the long hours.  Francis also leaves on May 9.  They lead their first training even on May 13 in Adelaide.  Francis Taman, one of our board members, is from Calgary, Alberta and a lawyer by profession.  You can keep in touch with them through his blog, by clicking on the Australian flag on our home page at  We pray that God will bless them throughout the time in Australia.  Bruce and Kathy Zagel will leave on May 24 to help Ted and Francis with the Church Reconciler Training.  They will return home on June 10th and Ted and Francis return on June 14.  In that time they will lead training events that will impact the whole Lutheran church in Australia.  We pray that they will in deed be cultivating lifestyles of reconciliation for all of the Australian church.  What an opportunity God has supplied!

We also keep our beloved Synod in prayer.  Over the next eight weeks, many districts will be meeting in convention and there are serious issues being decided.  We pray for the upcoming conventions and the delegates as they make decisions.  May God be glorified and His will accomplished.  Numerous districts have already had their conventions, and we pray for them as well as they carry out the decisions made.  

We are very pleased to have a new product in hand and available for purchase.  Cultivating Lifestyles of Reconciliation has arrived and we pray that God will bless it's use to His glory and the benefit of all who use it.  There will be more on that next week.  Ted plans to say a few words to publicize it.

Thank you to all of you for the faithful prayer support provided by so many.  May God be with you.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brand New Tool

Well, Lord, here we are using a brand new tool of communication.  Up until now, we have been emailing our weekly (well it's supposed to be weekly) prayer requests to our many friends.  It is taking more and more time because of spam problems when mailing to so many addresses.  We thought this method might be better, so I welcome you this week to the new and improved version of our prayer requests.  

One of the big praise items is for the Keinath family.  For those of who don't know, Ed Keinath is the director of our CrossLife Ministries in Indiana.  He is a professional counselor and has been with AoR since it's formation in 2006 (if you're interested see  We praise God with them for the wonderful news that their sons have received a call and assignment for ministry in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  One son, Daniel has been called into the ministry to serve at South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake, MN.  Joshua has been assigned as a vicar to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fredricksburg, VA.  We pray that God will use these young men mightily for His glory and that they will learn much and grow in grace each day.

We thank God this week for the productive Board of Directors meeting we had over the weekend.  All of our directors arrived  safely and met for the whole day on Saturday.  Much good news was shared and the directors gave direction for the next quarter.  We praise God for each of them and for all of the opportunities He has opened up for AoR. Our Board member from Canada, Francis Taman, who is also going on the Australian trip has started a blog for those who are interested. You can find it at 

This week there is much preparing going on in our office.  Ted and Bruce continue to plan for their trips to Australia, as well as tending to the many other duties that they normally have.  We pray that God will keep them healthy and able to serve in their many roles. I am busy getting boxes of resources ready for the 16 district conventions where we will have resource tables.  Just keeping straight what is going where has been a challenge, not to mention making sure enough books, brochures, etc. have been ordered and produced.  We are eagerly awaiting our newest resource, Cultivating Livestyles of Reconciliation.  This is the combined information from Guiding People Through Conflict and Reconciliation Ministries Manual.  We expect it to be here by May 1st.  We pray God will use this tool mightily.  We also pray that God will bless the representatives who will "man" our book tables at the district conventions.  We hope many people will learn of our organization and that God will bring His message of biblical peacemaking to those who need it.

Dear friends, you have many experiences seeing God work through you and others as you guide people in reconciliation.  I invite you to share those stories here so that others will be uplifted and encouraged in their walk of faith.  God bless you and thank you for your faithful service of lifting the needs of AoR to the throne of grace.  Keep checking back, I will post weekly and I look forward to seeing your stories and comments.