Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer Requests for May 28

What a flurry of activity!!  I returned to the office on Tuesday of this week after a two week holiday to Kelowna, British Columbia for the wedding of our third son.  What a beautiful place.  The orchard trees were blooming and the vineyards were green.  Summer has arrived there.  The weather was beautiful and the wedding took place outside.  My husband officiated at the service; it was very special. 

Now reality has set in and we are back at work.  I returned to an empty office since Ted and Bruce are both in Australia.  I hope you have been keeping up with the training events on the Australia blog from our website.  On our home page, over on the right you will see an Australian flag.  Click on it to see all that is going on Down Under with AoR.  We pray that God will continue to bless the training of so many pastors and lay people in Australia.  We also pray that God will continue to bless Ted, Bruce, Kathy, and Francis with good health, good rest and endurance for all the time there.  They have just begun the 5-day training of synodical reconcilers from each district in the Lutheran Church of Australia.  The team has been experiencing God's amazing grace and care through His people in Australia.  We praise God for them all, and thank them for everything.  Much work and planning went into this trip.  

The convention circuit continues!  AoR has been represented at numerous conventions so far this year, and I got two more book tables sent off so far this week.  Another will go today, and two more next week.  As others are returned, they will be restocked and sent out again.  This is by far the most represented we have been at district conventions.  It is our hope to bring our name and the work we do to more of the congregations and leaders throughout our synod in order to better serve them. May God bless that effort.

Ed continues to work with many congregations and individuals.  He was just brought in on another difficult case.  A congregation has become aware of the alleged sexual misconduct of their pastor.  The whole congregation is experiencing this broken trust, and Ed is working with the leadership to bring God's care and healing to them.  May God be with them all.  

I pray that you are all well, and that God continues to bless you.  Thank you again for your continued faithful service in His name.  Please feel free to add comments and other news to this blog.  We want it to be a communication tool for all.  Add stories of reconciliation that you have experienced to give encouragement to those going through conflict.  May God be glorified in all we do!