Thursday, August 6, 2009

Prayer Requests for August 6, 2009

Happy Thursday to everyone. I feel a little bit like an octopus today, except it isn't eight legs I have, it's eight ways in which I'm being pulled. We have been exploring some options and directions for Ambassadors of Reconciliation. We found out last month that after four years, our rent is going up. We have been so thankful for the stability and economical rent we've enjoyed. But the raise has prompted us to look ahead and assess our office needs. We are now in a position to expand a bit, and the Lord has opened doors wide. So AoR is moving!! When I said the doors have been wide open I mean just that, so we move on August 22. Yes, just over two weeks from today. There is a myriad of things to do to and all of them needing to be done yesterday. But we are really excited about the space we will have. The offices are about the same size, but we will have an extra one for growth. For now we plan on using it for a conference room and mediation room when needed. Our inventory space will almost triple. We are very cramped at present, so with the addition of new resources we just could not have done it in our present office. The new one is accessed without stairs, another big asset because delivery people are not allowed to bring large deliveries down or up stairs. We are so thankful that God has provided for our growth, with the new office and the ability to pay for it. God is so good. Please lift your praises with us to our bountiful Father.

Bruce is frantically trying to get us prepared with phones, computer hookups, address changes, carpet cleaning, door relocations, and paint. On top of that he continues with his usual heavy load of coaching, event scheduling, and many other things. He travels to a nearby state this weekend for a seminar and consultation. We pray that God prepares the people who will attend the seminar, that their hearts are soften to His word and direction. We also pray for traveling mercy for Bruce, and for wisdom as he teaches and gives counsel to those in need.

Ed is in the midst of a trip out east to help his son move to his vicarage assignment. Ed had a tough week. The community had about 6 inches of rain in one morning. You may have seen the pictures on the news from Indianapolis and Louisville. Seymour was equally hit by the same storm. We pray for the people in these areas who have had to struggle with bad weather for much of the year. We pray that the farmers crops are not ruined and that they will be able to take care of their families in these hard times. Ed continues to meet with ministry couples in crisis. We pray for them as they deal with troubled marriages and careers. We pray for Ed as he travels and as he gives counsel to many.

Ted is in Billings this week making many arrangements for our move. He is also working with a congregation who will be having an intervention soon. We pray for them as they prepare. Ted will also be teaching next weekend at a Peacemaker Ministries event here in Billings. We pray for him as he prepares for that event. We ask for prayers for our Board of Directors meeting on Monday. The directors will meet by phone and we pray for God's direction for the meeting and the decisions they will make.

I ask for your prayers also this week. Ted and Bruce have asked me to be a member of the team for the intervention later this month. This is a first for me. I have become more comfortable with the coaching aspect of peacemaking, and have participated in a mediation. I have not been on an intervention before, so I pray that God would be with me as I prepare and that I will have the time to prepare since this move will take some extra time as well. I will be assisting in teaching some of the seminar, so I pray for God's direction for that. And I also ask for God to sharpen my mind as we interview people, so that I might serve them and our God well.

Things change quickly in this ministry. We praise God that He has blessed us with the financial stability to be able to make this move. We praise God for the contacts for services we offer. We thank God for the increase in resources we offer. May all these things enable us to better serve His call to live lifestyles of reconciliation.

Thank you again for your faithful prayer service in our behalf. May God bless you richly.