Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prayer Requests for September 24

At long last, I'm finally getting back to some normal updates. I couldn't believe when I actually got back here that it's been so long. Please forgive me for the long delay. There has been so much going on. In case you have not gotten the news, we have moved our office.

We are now located at 2110 Overland Avenue, Ste. # 101B, Billings, MT 59102. Our new location also means we have a new mailing address, P.O. Box 81662, Billings, MT 59108-1662. Please update your records for us. The last couple of weeks of August were a blur of packing and preparing for the move here. We have increased our shipping/storage area by 100% which we will need very soon with the planned addition of two products. We thank God regularly as we've gotten used to being here. There are so many ways this office has made our work more efficient and easier.

At the end of August, less than a week after our move, Ted, Bruce and I traveled to the midwest for the first visit of a church intervention. This is the first time all three of us have been on an intervention team. It was a grueling six days with interviews of over 100 people. We ask for your prayers for them as they go through this process. There are many hurting people in need of God's Words of grace. We will return there on October 14th for the second visit. We pray for God's wisdom and strength as we meet with them for mediations, and recommendations. We pray for God's Word to work the miracles needed to bring about repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation.

After returning to Billings, we settled into our new office and tried to catch up with emails and phone messages. We ended up also doing an unexpected mediation in our new office. Our office includes a conference room, which we foresaw using occasionally. We've already realized that God had plans for that room beyond what we were expecting. It is amazing to see how God works for our good well in advance of our being aware of it. We thank Him for the blessing of His care. We thank Him for the great blessing of this new office which allows us to serve Him better and more comfortably.

This week, Ted, Bruce and Ed are in Dallas for the Peacemaker Ministries Annual Conference. They are teaching and meeting with numerous people while there. After their return they are all preparing for upcoming events. Ted will be traveling to Kansas speaking at a conference with the district workers. Bruce will be presenting at a Montana district conference. Ed will be leading an intervention team at a very large congregation in the midwest. We pray for God's care for them and for His direction and wisdom as they lead these events. Ted is also scheduled for a trip to Nebraska in late October to present at a conference there. He will also be going to Calgary for a meeting with the leadership of AoR-Canada as they get active. The first entry has been made on their blog (see the Canadian flag link on our homepage). We pray for them as they prepare for reconciliation work in Lutheran Church-Canada. In November, AoR will be leading a Church Reconciler Training in the Southeastern District. If you are interested, see our training page on the website at or contact me at the AoR office for more information. The phone number is 406/ 698-6107 or my email at We pray that God will mightily bless this training event.

Ted recently found out he is returning to Australia in January. He enjoyed Australia so much last time, and is really looking forward to going back. He is still trying to set up additional events, but will likely be there for about a month. We pray for God to provide the connections to be made for His work there.

As I look over the calendar as I write, I'm amazed at how fast the time is going in 2009. Fall is in the air with cool nights and the trees starting to change colors. I pray that God will bless you richly in all that you do in His Name. Thank you for your faithful service for Ambassadors of Reconciliation in prayer.