Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer Requests for September 9

Hello Friends,

It's a rainy cool day here. I love the change of seasons and the glories that God showers on us through all seasons. Even through rainy and gray days, we are reminded that God is with us through all the yuck we experience. I spoke with a person today who has significant conflict in his marriage who is hurting deeply and very much needed the assurance that he was not alone, that God will never leave him but is even now working to bring joy. How unfathomable are His ways! I pray that this man will allow God to work in his life and in his marriage, and that God will shower them with His grace.

I have been back at my desk since Tuesday. We had a lovely trip to New York City to visit our son. The heat and humidity made me so thankful for Montana weather (and our son said it was much less than they have had this summer). We marvel at the different lifestyle and get to enjoy it for the short time we are there. I have to admit it would be a challenge to live it full time. It's a great place to visit, but I'm thankful to live here. While I have been gone, we've had several large orders from churches gearing up for their fall classes. We also heard from a church that is planning on using Ted's essays from the convention for a study this fall. We pray for all of the congregations that will study about peacemaking, that they will understand God's plan for us in conflict. We thank Him for His Word and the riches of His grace. We are still experiencing a slowdown of work. We suspect the economic situation has much to do with it, but we pray for God to show us His plan to continue in this environment. We have some training events planned for this fall and pray that they will be well attended.

Bruce is still coming in most days for a time. He and Kathy await the approval of their visa for Australia. They may have up to a three month wait. We pray for God's strength as they wait. It is hard for them to be between places.

Ted is about to begin his trip home from Australia. It is early on Friday there and he will leave after his day of teaching to fly to Sydney. Tomorrow afternoon he will leave Sydney on his way to Billings. He will spend one night here in Billings, then will trade suitcases and head to Washington, DC for the Peacemaker Ministries Annual Conference where he will teach several sections. He will return home on the 19th and may be able to be in the office by midweek. The last I heard, he was battling a cold and was pretty tired. We pray for Ted to able to get well and to be sustained through this next trip. I had to smile when I got a message to him from a fellow conciliator in Australia. It is clear that he has had some opportunities to relax, too. This photo was included.
We thank God for the friendships Ted has been able to make and for the opportunity to teach in Australia. It has been a blessing for AoR, as well as for Ted. We also pray for Ted's safe return.

Ed has been unusually quiet as of late. I suspect he is pretty busy with his full schedule and now adding in time for his therapy for his shoulder. We pray for him as he juggles the time demands and the physical therapy. We pray for an excellent result of the therapy.

Thank you for your interest in the work of Ambassadors of Reconciliation. Your prayer support is much appreciated. I pray that God will bless you with joy.

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