Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prayer Requests for November 11

Thank you Lord for each and every veteran who put their lives out there to protect our freedom, may you continue to bless and guide them and their families. Our thoughts and prayers are always with them. Amen.

Thanks for coming to check the prayer requests for today.

Today I decided to include some of Ted's recent message to our board members to let you know what he's been up to lately. Ted writes:

A brief update on this ministry and its work . . .

I am pleased to report that activity for case work and training is quite busy right now.

I have completed two major training events in Canada, originally scheduled by Bruce. One was a coaching practicum in Ontario for the East District circuit counselors, our first-ever training in the East District of Lutheran Church-Canada! The next was a full-day
Responding to Sexual Temptation in a High Tech Society seminar at the pastors/deacons conference for the Central District in Winnipeg. Both went very well.

Ed also completed a training originally contracted by Bruce for the Kansas District. It went well, and more work will likely come from it.

I made a trip to Calgary to meet with the new resource manager for AoR-Canada. Our new Canadian sister organization has a long ways to go organizing, but we have made some significant progress in the area of resource sales. I will update you in more detail at our board meeting.

Here is my schedule for the next several weeks:
  • Sonja and I will drive to Denver tomorrow for a two-night, one-day vacation. On Sunday, November 7, Sonja and I will drive to Aurora, Nebraska.
  • Sunday, November 7 - Saturday, November 13: Ed Keinath and I will teach our week-long Church Reconciler Training course in Aurora, Nebraska. We have 15 registered.
  • Saturday, November 13: Sonja and I will drive 800 miles home to Billings.
  • Sunday, November 14: Both Ed and I will fly to Phoenix.
  • Monday, November 15-16: Ed and I will provide pre-mediation coaching for a dozen people in a Christian ministry, preparing for a mediation in either December or January.
  • Wednesday, November 17: Ed and I both fly home.
  • Thursday, November 18: I fly to Michigan to teach a seminar at a church.
  • Friday, November 19-20: I teach and attend this conflicted church. I fly home late that night.

Bruce and Kathy are nearing the end of some rest time in northern Idaho. From there they plan to visit family in Spokane and Portland. The latest from Bruce is that Kathy's FBI background check has been completed and arrived in Billings. Bruce expects his to arrive in Billings on Saturday. From there it will be mailed to the Australian embassy in Washington DC, hopefully for the final approval on their visas to Australia. Once their visas are approved, they will fly to Australia.

Ed has been busy in counseling appointments as well as working with a few congregations from the Indiana District. He will have much to report on in our board meeting.

So you see, Ted and Ed have been quite busy. We pray that God will supply all they need to serve Him well in their work. We also thank God for providing us with the opportunities to serve Him. We pray for the many individuals, congregations, districts, and church professionals with whom we work, that they will be able to live out lifestyles of reconciliation.

Bruce emailed this morning with the very good news that they have received the final approval from Australia and they can be on their way. They have made arrangements to leave the USA next week Thursday. They will stay for a few days with the district president and his wife, then travel to Hamilton to get settled. Bruce's installation is scheduled for November 28. We pray for them as they travel and that their adjustment to a new congregation, job, country and home will be smooth and enjoyable. Bruce will be celebrating his birthday on Saturday while they spend time with their son and family. We pray for blessing for Bruce in this next year of his life.

While Ted is gone, the office is very quiet. I've gotten a number of tasks completed and am thankful for continuing to have work to support this ministry. Today I've been preparing a mass mailing postcard for Christmas. Keep a look out, you will likely see them soon. Thank you, dear friends in Christ, for partnering with us in support of this ministry. Your efforts on our behalf are much appreciated.